Ireland’s European Cup History 1967-2006

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

One of the highlights of the 2006 athletics year was the superb performance by the Irish women’s team which finished a record-breaking 4th place in the European Cup Division 1 in Prague. The same weekend saw the men’s team gain promotion to Division 1 after a stirring performance in Banska Bystrica. Consequently both teams will now compete together in Division 1 this year in Vaasa, Finland in June. Being the only full track and field team event available to our athletes the European Cup has considerable significance for the sport.

As a prelude to the 2007 season I have compiled a list of the best performances by Irish athletes since their first participation in 1967. It was an absorbing exercise and a perusal of the results elicited many gems of information. On a purely high performance level the top result was clearly the 10,000 metres by Catherina McKiernan of 31.19.11 in Dublin 1994 . I have a clear recollection of this fascinating race where Catherina ,in conditions not particularly conducive to fast running , lapped a quality field in a world-class time . On the converse side I’m afraid I lack the courage to list the worst performance! An item that hit me from the early years was the participation of Iggy Moriarty ( current President of NUIG ) in the 4×100 and 4×400 relay in both 1967 and 1970. With the recurrence of certain names in the results over a long period there is clearly a need for an exercise showing the greatest number of appearances. A name that showed up regularly was Gary Ryan the current Director of Coaching for Athletics Ireland and it will be interesting to see where he ranks on completion of the table.

But back to the present where there is great potential among the current team for many revisions of the best performances in the coming years but this is largely predicated on the teams staying in Division 1. The latter is the real challenge.

European Cup 1967-2006 - Best Performances


100m 10.43W(+2.7) Neil Ryan Lisbon 1996
10.44(+0.3) Paul Brizzel Kaunas 2000

200m 20.80(+1.5) Paul Brizzel Kaunas 2000

400m 45.96 David Gillick Leiria 2005

800m 1.47.62 James Nolan Kaunas 2000

1500m 3.39.4 John Hartnett Lisbon 1973
3.39.40 Eamonn Coghlan Dublin 1983

3000m 7.52.66 Shane Healy Lisbon 1996

5000m 13.32.1 John Treacy Geneva 1979

10,000m 29.03.66 Neil Cusack Reykjavik 1985

3000m S/C 8.34.05 Brendan Quinn Dublin 1983

110m H 13.47(+1.1) Peter Coghlan Lahti 1999

400m H 50.43 Tom Mc Guirk Dublin 1997


4×100m 39.70 (Mark Howard, Gary Ryan,
Tom Comyns, Paul Brizzel) Aarhus 2003

4×400m 3.05.45 (Brian Forbes, Tomas Coman,
Paul Mc Kee, Tom Mc Guirk) Lahti 1999

Field Events

H/J 2.23 Brendan Reilly Lahti 1999

P/V 4.60 John Hallissey Tallinn 1995
4.60 Ruairi O’Briain Reykjavik 2004

L/J 7.86(+1.1) Ciaran Mc Donagh Lisbon 1996

T/J 15.89 Colm Cronin Sollerod 1977

Shot 17.90 Victor Costello Viseu 1991

Discus 63.16 Nick Sweeney Dublin 1994

Hammer 71.23 Roman Linscheid Kaunas 1998

Javelin 79.60 Terry Mc Hugh Dublin 1994


100m 11.56W(+2.2) Anna Boyle Prague 2006
11.61(+0.6) Anna Boyle Leiria 2005

200m 23.35(-0.6) Ciara Sheehy Tallinn 2002

400m 51.63 Joanne Cuddihy Prague 2006

800m 2.02.23 Aisling Molloy Dublin 1989

1500m 4.03.38 Sonia O’Sullivan Rotterdam 1993

3000m 8.59.5 Deirdre Nagle Sittard 1979

5000m 15.37.66 Catherina Mc Kiernan Tallinn 1995

10,000m 31.19.11 Catherina Mc Kiernan Dublin 1994

3000m S/C 9.47.0 Roisin Mc Gettigan Leiria 2005

100mH 13.12(+0.8) Derval O’Rourke Leiria 2005

400mH 55.64 Susan Smith Kaunas 1998


4×100m 44.40 (Emily Maher, Anna Boyle,
Ailis McSweeney, Ciara Sheehy) Prague 2006

4×400m 3.31.51 ( Michelle, Carey, Elaine Mc Caffery,
Ciara Sheehy, Joanne Cuddihy) Prague 2006

H/J 1.89 Deirdre Ryan Prague 2006

P/V 3.60 Erin Kinnear Leiria 2005

L/J 6.39(+1.3) Terri Horgan Dublin 1989

T/J 13.54(-1.1) Taheisha Robinson Scanlon Leiria 2005

Shot 15.91 Marita Walton Dublin 1983

Discus 54.06 Patricia Walsh Reykjavik 1985

Hammer 65.35 Eileen O’Keeffe Prague 2006

Javelin 46.76 Dara Shakespheare Dublin 1994

Compiled by: Liam Hennessy January 2007
(assisted by Pierce O’Callaghan)

Note: Ireland hosted a division of the European Cup in 1967,1977,1983,1989, 1994 and 1997.

Top Performances from European Cup

Using the IAAF scoring tables , which are used as a reference for evaluating performances across all the disciplines, the following are the top ten European Cup individual performances.

1196pts 10,000 metres Catherina McKiernan
1178pts 1500 metres Sonia O’Sullivan
1178pts 110mHurdles Peter Coghlan
1164pts 400mHurdles Susan Smith
1146pts 400 metres Joanne Cuddihy
1138pts 100m Hurdles Derval O’Rourke
1126pts 200 metres Ciara Sheehy
1120pts 400 metres David Gillick
1120pts 3000 mS.C Brendan Quinn
1115pts 1500 metres Eamonn Coghlan
1115pts 1500 metres John Hartnett

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