Successful Throws Day in Ennis

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Between 40 and 50 throwers, parents and coaches turned up for athletics throwing training at Lees Rd Ennis on 12 April 2012 during the Easter School break.

Throwers from Ulster, Munster and Connaught arrived for what is becoming a popular training coaching clinic, the first one having taken place in Feb during school half term break.

The idea of the clinic is to offer top class throwing tuition to throwers who find that they are training in isolation wherever they are from. Instead of being the only thrower in town, they find themselves in supportive company when they come to Ennis.

The coaches who pooled their knowledge and resources are :
Brian Akers, Hammer, Scariff & Marian AC
David Courtney, Javelin, Ennis Track AC
Jerry Horgan, Discus, Kerry Athletics
Dave Fratarolli, Shot, Limerick AC
Frank Maguire, Javelin, Galway City Harriers

So once again throwers gathered and the Man above blessed us with sunshine. How many times have you seen an athletics track full, and I mean full, of activity, and every athlete a thrower ?! It’s great to behold.

Novice throwers and experienced throwers mixed and threw together. The experienced offering excellent example on how to throw, and in return the novices showing the experienced just how far they have developed.

The session went way over time. Throwers reluctantly went their separate ways after several last throws for better technique or more distance. Parents of smaller children borrowing implements to let the smaller children throw. Looking around the track and hearing coaches talking to attentive throwers and then laughter and chat in between throws. Relaxed, enjoyable and concentrated effort.

Link to full photo gallery here, courtesy of Richard McMahon of Shannon AC.

Throwers and Coaches in attendance at Throws workshop in Ennis

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