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Thursday, January 17th, 2013


High Fives - Lord Mayor Naoise O Muiri has come up with the capital idea to make Dubliners the fittest city dwellers in Europe by joining him in his five race challenge this year.

Breaking down barrier - just like the 4 minute mile was a big barrier for men, no Irish woman has broke the 2 minute barrier for 800 metres. Siobhan Eviston (Raheny Shamrocks) tells Fit readers how she hopes to become the first Irish woman to dip under the magic mark.

Sailor on the run - Annalise Murphy tells us how she overcame the heartbreak of finishing fourth in the London Olympics by finding a Triathlon side to herself that she didn’t know existed.

Injury probe - Physiotherapist John C Murphy on the correct way to recovery after being struck down by injury.

Yes there is so little time - but Deirdre Hassett explains how you can find time to exercise and watch your famourite box-set at the same time.

Siobhan Byrne on building up your muscle strength to get added speed

Gerry Duffy on finding out what the overwhelming ‘Why’ is in your life to make you succeed.

Plus six months of all your big running events, including mountain running.

NEXT WEEK 2013 Cycling Fixtures and Melaine Nocher next week

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