2013 EYOF Team

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

The OCI has given AAI an allocation of 14 track and field athletes that will be taken to EYOF 2013.

The policy and guideline standards are clearly set out here.

- Please note that achieving the guideline standard does not guarantee selection – as only 14 athletes can be selected.

- Only one athlete is allowed per country in each event and athletes may only compete in one event (excluding relays)

Any athlete born in 1997 or 1998 that believes they will achieve (or who has already achieved) the Guideline standards as set forth in the EYOF Policy is asked to please fill in their personal details on the on-line Advance Data Capture Form before 15th March 2013. Please note all areas must be filled in on the form.

Please press ’submit’ when form is complete, and then send a separate short email to Jacqui Freyne ( jacqui@athleticsireland.ie)  with your full name, club, date of birth, event(s) and PBs, and your coach’s name confirming that you have submitted the data form.

Competition Opportunities

Competition Opportunities for Youth Athletes 2013 (in Throws, Hurdles & Steeplechase)

European Youth Olympics Utrecht July 14th – 19th 2013 (Athletes born in 1997 or 1998 only)

Guideline standards to be attained by June 2nd 2013

Any Questions or Information about the above competition or related issues, please contact Jacqui Freyne, Junior High Performance Manager, Athletics Ireland jacqui@athleticsireland.ie or see the Athletics Ireland EYOF Team Page

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Road Races and Events

Samsung Run Cork 10k
Samsung Run Dublin 10k
Rock N Roll Series Dublin
St Patricks Festival 5k
Northwest 10K
ait booking
laura lynn
Strabane Lifford Half Marathon
Ramble Aid
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