World Bronze Medals for Irish Women

Sunday, September 8th, 2013


40 countries contested the 29th World Mountain Running Championships in Krynica-Zdroj in Poland. The Irish senior women’s team won bronze medals with Sarah McCormack (Clonliffe) in the top three for most of the race before slipping back to sixth on the final steep climb. Kate Cronin (Raheny Shamrock) came through the field for an incredible 18th place for someone who is still eligible for the Dublin novice cross-country runner. Sarah Mulligan (DSD) delivered with a brilliant 27th to ensure medals for the first ever time for an Irish women’s team and consolidate her individual victory on Snowdon in July. Sharon Trimble (North Belfast) had a very good run in 52nd. American born McCormack was a member of the Irish team that won the European cross-country championships in 2012. Ahead of McCormack Emma Clayton (GBR) led for most of the race before Alice Gaggi (ITA) took the victory near the finish.

In 1991 the senior men’s team won bronze medals with John Lenihan winning individual gold. The previous best performance by an Irish senior women’s team was ninth from 19 teams in 2012 and sixth from eight teams in 1988. In 2012 Ireland won gold (girls) and bronze (boys) team medals in the International Youth Cup in Glendalough.

The senior men’s race was dominated by Uganda with Phillip Kiplimo (42nd World cross-country in 2013) beating teammates Geoffrey Kusuro (25th World cross-country in 2013) and Nathan Ayeko. Italy took silver medals ahead of Turkey. The Irish team were led home by Brian MacMahon (Clonliffe) in 33rd. Tom Hogan (SBR) in 43rd and Eoin Flynn (Rathfarnham) in 52nd both ran well. However with the fourth scorer back in 88th the team finished in eleventh when a top eight was in sight.

The British team had a great start to the World championships when they won the junior women’s race led home by 2012 European mountain running champion Annabel Mason. Mason finished fifth in the 2012 European cross-country championships and a fourth today adds to her impressive championships record. Mandy Ortiz took individual gold for the United States ahead of Slovenian cross-country skier (and 2011 World mountain running champion) Lea Einfalt and Erdal Tubay from Turkey.

Italy launched their championships with an individual victory in the junior men’s race when Nekagenet Crippa won by 15 seconds from Turkish runner Ramazan Karagoz. The Czech Republic packed well to win the team with Great Britain having an outstanding performance to win bronze medals. The Irish runners were led home by Padraig Moran who ran well for 34th position.

Race results:

Junior women individual (4.65 km, 286m climb, 40 finishers)
1. Mandy Ortiz (USA) 22:56
2. Lea Einfalt (SLO) 23:07
3. Erdal Tubay (TUR) 23:21
4. Annabel Mason (GBR) 23:32
5. Georgia Malir (GBR) 23:39
6. Catriona Graves (GBR) 23:41

Junior women team (14 teams)
1. Great Britain (4,5) 9
2. United States (1,16) 17
3. Russia (7,12) 19

Junior men individual (9.08 km, 561m climb, 66 finishers)
1. Nekagenet Crippa (ITA) 38:58
2. Ramazan Karagoz (TUR) 39:13
3. Manuel Innerhofer (AUT) 39:44
34. Padraig Moran (Mullingar Harriers) 44:09
54. Killian Mooney (DSD) 47:43
59. Andrew Cullen (DSD) 48:51
dnf Shane Moran (Monaghan Town Runners)

Junior men team (16 teams)
1. Czech Republic (4,5,16) 25
2. Italy (1,10,18) 29
3. Great Britain (6,12,14) 32
13. Ireland (34,54,59) 147

Senior women individual (9.08 km, 561m climb, 79 finishers)
1. Alice Gaggi (ITA) 42:47
2. Emma Clayton (GBR) 43:12
3. Elisa Desco) ITA) 43:32
6. Sarah McCormack (Clonliffe Harriers) 44:23
18. Kate Cronin (Raheny Shamrock) 46:11
27. Sarah Mullingar (DSD) 46:54
52. Sharon Trimble (North Belfast) 50:12

Senior women team (17 teams)
1. Italy (1,3,7) 11
2. Great Britain (2,8,12) 22
3. IRELAND (6,18,27) 51
4. Turkey (10,14,42) 66
5. United States (11,29,32) 72
6. Czech Republic (20,24,30) 74

Senior men individual (13.56 km, 838m climb, 129 finishers)
1. Phillip Kiplimo (UGA) 54:22
2. Geoffrey Kusuro (UGA) 55:05
3. Nathan Ayeko (UGA) 55:19
33. Brian MacMahon (Clonliffe Harriers) 01:00:26
43. Tom Hogan (Sliabh Buidhe Rovers) 01:02:00
52. Eoin Flynn (Rathfarnham WSAF) 01:02:40
88. James Kevan (Clonliffe Harriers) 01:07:51
98. Gary O’Hanlon (Clonliffe Harriers) 01:09:10
dnf Ian Conroy (Raheny Shamrock)

Senior men team (19 teams)
1. Uganda (1,2,3,4) 10
2. Italy (5,10,11,14) 40
3. Turkey (8,15,18,41) 82
11. Ireland (33,43,52,88) 216


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