Frequently Asked Questions – Registrations

What is the minimum number of members allowable in a club?
A club needs to have a minimum of 10 members, 4 of whom must be over 21

Do I need to Register Committee Members?
A club must register all Officers and Volunteers working with the Club

What is the purpose of the Affiliation Form?
An updated affiliation form should be submitted to Athletics Ireland each time there is a change of Officers within the club. This form ensures that the correct person within the club receives information from Athletics Ireland. It is also important to keep County & Regional Boards up to date on your club structure.

How do I access a transfer form?
There is a copy of the transfer form attached to this section of the website. Please ensure that you follow all rules on the back of the form.

How does the Login for registrations work?
The login is linked to the current club secretary. The secretary passes the login on to the person responsible for registrations within the club. You may have more than one login for a club, however it is advisable to keep the login confidential.

How does the registration year work?
The registration year runs from January 1st to Dec 31st each year. All memberships are due for renewal at 1st Jan each year – even if members were registered mid way in the previous year.

What do I do if I lock the registration system?
This occurs when you have incorrectly logged in three times. In order to unlock your account contact

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