• Win €250 for your club thanks to our sponsor Irish Life Health

  • Sprints Jumps Hurdles Coaches Network Day

  • Stars align at stunning schools’ champs

  • The Irish Life Health National Inter Club League is back for 2018!

  • Mageean wins in Watford; records in Oordegem, Euro Clubs

GloHealth Inter Club Merchandise


Merchandise on offer

There will be a selection of designer hoodies on sale at the GloHealth Inter Clubs Cross Country Championships on Sunday. The sleek hoodies will be on sale as you go into Morton Stadium near registration trackside. So if you're looking to get your hands on the limited edition product you will have to go through the adjoining gate between the stadium and the Demesne as they will not be on sale in the park. Take a look at the selection below. 

They have a cost of €30 and includes a spike bag. All the girls names are on the back of the purple and light blue hoodies and the boys names are on the backs of the denim and sapphire. 

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