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STEP 1 – Ensure personal details are correct & how to edit personal details

Please be aware when entering through the Rock n Roll website that your personal details must match your details on the AAI Registration System. For example, if you are registered with AAI as “Joseph Ryan” you must enter the National Championships Half Marathon through the Rock n Roll website as “Joseph Ryan”.

To edit your details on the Rock n Roll website please follow the instructions below:

Log into your Active profile here; https://myevents.active.com/ (which you would have created when you signed up). Then you will need to select Rock n Roll Dublin under ‘My Events’ and then ‘Edit Registration’.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the above you can email Rock n Roll: rnrdublin@runrocknroll.com

STEP 2 – Ensure all club details are correct (Club Name & AAI Registration Number)

To ensure you have entered the AAI National Championships Half Marathon and not the Recreational Half Marathon you will have to enter your correct AAI Registration Number and your Athletic Club that you are a current member of and that also matches the AAI Registration System.

Please note: if you have applied to transfer to another club but it has not yet been approved, then you must still enter your current club and not your “new club” as this will not match your details on the AAI Registration System.

STEP 3 – Published List

Athletics Ireland will publish a list of all athletes that entered the National Championships Half Marathon via the Rock n Roll website.

If your name is not on the list please check that all your details are correct, this includes your personal details, name of your current club and your AAI registration number. If you need to edit any of your details, you can do so by following Step 1 above.

Please contact competition@athleticsireland.ie for any queries


National Marathon Good For Age Information



Irish Life Health National Juvenile Indoors Day 1 & 2

The Irish Life Health National Juvenile Indoors Day 1 & 2 will take place 28th and 29th of March at AIT Athlone



Click HERE to enter. Entries close Sunday 22nd March 23.59


Entry List

Entry list can be found HERE



General Admission

Tickets can be purchased HERE


Timetable for day 1 can be found HERE and timetable for day 2 can be found HERE


Results can be found HERE

Irish Life Health National Championships Sponsor

With an Irish Life Health BeneFit Plan, it pays to feel well.

As part of Benefit Plan from Irish Life Health, Athletics Ireland members can enjoy claiming €50 back on annual club membership, be it your own or your child’s.

Members can also claim up to €50 on those other running essentials including fitness wearables and sports massages.

More Information Available HERE.

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