Ultra Running

Ultrarunning Committee Terms of Reference
The Ultrarunning Committee(the “Committee” ) shall comprise of nine members appointed by the Board of the Athletics Association of Ireland Ltd (the “ Board” )The Board may at any time remove and/or appoint members to the Committee, subject to the aforementioned limits on numbers.

The Board shall nominate one of the members as Chairman of the Committee.

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt expertise.

The Committee shall, at all times, act in compliance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Bye Laws, Rules of Competition of Athletics Ireland and be in conformity with the Rules of the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU).

Ultrarunning shall be defined as all distances beyond the marathon.

The objects of the Committee shall be:

  • Throughout the island of Ireland to foster and develop Ultrarunning
  • To establish friendly and loyal co operation between all the athletes, clubs and organisers for the benefit of ultradistance running throughout Ireland.
  • To compile rules, regulations and guidelines governing ultradistance competitions.
  • To approve the dates, venues and conditions for the hosting of national championships.
  • To frame regulations for the establishment of Irish records/bestperformances and to ratify such performances.

The Committee shall have responsibility for the following in relation to ultrarunning events:

  • Recommending to the Board the level ( if any ) of funding to be provided by the Athletics Association of Ireland Ltd.
  • Selection policy and all related matters for international teams.
  • Liaising with the Competition Committee regarding the issuing of permits for ultradistance events.
  • Liaising with the Marketing Department regarding PR( including the website) on ultrarunning issues.
  • Such other matters as the Board delegates to the Committee.

The Committee shall appoint a secretary at its first meeting.

The Committee shall report on its activities through the CEO to the Board.

The Committee shall meet at least three times annually.

The Committee shall liaise, as appropriate, with all principal committees.

The current membership of the Committee is as follows:
Liam Hennessy - Chairman
Pat Ryan - Secretary
Georgina Drumm - Chair of Competition
Ray O’Connor
Tony Brennan
Joanne Fearon
John O’Regan
Jeff Fitzsimons

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