Workshops are an integral part of the Performance Pathway Programme. The workshops are designed to be as pertinent and interactive as possible.

Jessie Barr, Performance Psychologist

Coping with change, goal setting through this time. Followed by athletes sharing their best ‘coping’ ideas.

Link to workshop HERE.


David Tobin, Performance Nutritionist

Learning how to cook at home, cooking with 3rd level in mind, structure around meals and training. Followed by The Great Pathway Bake-Off…athletes actually cooking one of David’s recipe’s and posting pictures of their creations. Prize for the best.

Link to workshop HERE.


Ciara McCallion, Physiotherapist

Mobilisation and foam rolling around injury prevention. Dealing with enforced training surface/volume/frequency changes, in the absence of physio support etc. Followed by athlete posting pics of their ‘new training regime’. Link to workshop HERE.


Emma Saunders, Performance Life-Skills

Planning transition into college/out of juveniles into ‘seniors’, /’real life’/new normal again.

Link to workshop HERE.


Ciara McCallion, Physiotherapist

Interactive discussion with Coaches helping with injury prevention, with a specific focus on returning to training safely post the first COVID-19 lockdown.

Link to workshop HERE.


The second series of workshops worked with athletes, coaches and parents through Lockdown 2.0, starting with a Planning workshop for Coaches to help with planning through these uncertain times, then a series of workshops to help give the athletes and coaches a little extra ‘ammunition’ to add to their repertoire.

After a short competition season in 2020, there was a second lockdown due to Covid which afforded an opportunity to offer workshops to Coaches, parents, and athletes.


Workshop 1: Planning for Coaches by Hayley Harrison (For Coaches)          

The outcome is that coaches will be able to plan for the 2020/2021 season through an ability to:

  1. goal set with your athlete(s)
  2. write a basic training phase plan
  3. write a draft competition plan for 2021 (with contingencies)
  4. write a performance plan for submission to AAI (if appropriate)

Link to workshop HERE.


Workshop 2: Building your ‘Bank Account’ by David Tobin (For Athletes & Parents)

Looking at how athletes might plan and organise their meals to fuel the winter training block and the different sessions within this block. Even more pertinent during Level 5, with the new restrictions and a possible shift in training modes, times, venues etc.

Link to workshop HERE.        


Workshop 3: Building a Robust Athlete by Ciara McCallion (For Athletes & Coaches)   

This virtual workshop will cover key areas of injury prevention and performance improvement including load management, strength & conditioning, mobility work, biomechanics, etc while still taking a holistic approach to recovery and performance.

Link to workshop HERE.


Workshop 4: Becoming a skilful learner by Philip Kearney (For Athletes)             

Two athletes can attend training for the same number of hours but make very different levels of progress. If one athlete is focused on their learning and the other is just going through the motions, we would expect the former to progress much more than the latter.

However, there is more to effective practice than just paying attention and trying hard. Top athletes use a range of strategies to enhance the quality of their practice and accelerate their learning.

This workshop will discuss effective learning strategies.

Link to workshop HERE.


Workshop 5: Building a Performance Mindset by Jessie Barr (For Athletes)                           

The aim of this workshop is to equip the athletes with some psychological strategies to help them prepare for performance. Ways to build confidence, develop a positive mindset, set goals and cope with competition day nerves will be discussed.

Link to workshop HERE.


Workshop 6: Supporting your Student Athletes by Eoin Rheinisch (For Parents)                            

A workshop to share some of the learnings from the current EMPATIA (Education Model for Parents of Athletes in Academics) project.

Link to workshop HERE.


Other Performance Pathway workshops are currently being developed.

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