Notice 5th August 2020

The government extension of the restriction of 200 people only attending any outdoor event is disappointing for us all in Athletics Ireland. However, this decision was made in the best interests of the health of the nation as we all strive to contain the Covid19 virus outbreak.

Athletics Ireland are currently reviewing several logistical options in regard to upcoming competitions and we will revert to all stakeholders later this week once those decisions are finalised. 

We thank you all for your patience at this difficult time.


Notice 24th July 2020

FAQ’s for Phase 3 Extension 

1. What do we do if a member of our Club who has been training regularly confirms they are now Covid positive?  

Once an athlete tests positive, public health authorities will be in contact with the club to contact trace all close and casual contacts. The health authority will lead the club on the course of action.

2. Can I travel abroad?

Yes, anyone can travel off the island of Ireland for essential business and best practice is to self-isolate for 14 days on your return to Ireland.

3. Can an overseas athlete compete in any upcoming competition?

Yes, if they have completed 14 days of self-isolation in Ireland prior to the event and have proof of travel dates.

4. Can interclub competition take place?

Yes, we actively encourage all clubs to develop interclub events for all ages and our development team are available to support clubs in this activity. Please contact if you require assistance.

5. Will Cross Country protocols be released?

Yes, in the coming days once we know what government guidelines will operate from the 10th August we will release cross country protocols. We are actively encouraging all clubs to promote track and field activities at this time.

Notes –
  • Government advice is not to travel abroad unless it is essential.
  • The limit of 200 people attending an outdoor event includes all athletes, coaches, officials, spectators and anyone else on site.

We encourage all our members to download and use the COVID Tracker app released by government and found here


Notice 17th July 2020

Covid 19 is still very much with us and the current setback in our nations progression to Phase 4 illustrates our need to be forever vigilant in our battle to supress the virus. Please find the links below to the extended phase 3 guidelines released by government last night.

Note that in regard to sport there are no changes to the existing phase 3 guidelines now in place until the 10th August 2020.

The key parameters for Athletics Ireland are;

  • Indoor gatherings: Indoor gatherings of up to 50 people when conducted in line with public health advice are permissible.
  • Outdoor gatherings: Outdoor gatherings of up to 200 people when conducted in line with public health advice are permissible.

View Phase 3 guidelines HERE.


Notice 8th July 2020

To All Athletics Ireland Stakeholders;

Please see link below for a list of Covid19 Frequently Asked Questions.

Click HERE


Notice 6th July 2020

To All Athletics Ireland Stakeholders;

Please see link below in relation to Covid-19 Control Measures for use of Meeting Rooms.

Click HERE


Notice 3rd July 2020

To All Athletics Ireland Stakeholders;

Sport Ireland has just released the updated e-learning course for Covid 19 for volunteers, coaches, administrators and officials. We strongly recommend that all our stakeholders complete this course as we all have a collective responsibility to maintain strict vigilance in regard to Covid 19 protocols.

Section A of the Course builds on the previous Covid 19 awareness course and has been updated with the current government advice and guidelines in relation to covid19. The course is targeted at supporting administrators, volunteers, coaches and participants.

Section B of the Course aims to support those who have been nominated to fulfil the Covid Officer Role in their club or community Group. This section will include specific modules in relation to that role – responsibilities, management plans, venue layouts, dealing with a breakout, emergency first aid etc.

Participants can choose to complete Section A only or both sections A & B. Nominated club Covid Officers are recommended to complete both sections.

Both sections include a test/quiz and you can download a certificate of completion.

Overview of Course Content:

  • Hand Hygiene
  • Equipment Hygiene
  • Advice on exercising during COVID-19 and Safe Return to Play Post Infection
  • Safe Return to Sport & Physical Activity
  • Advice for Group Activity
  • Returning to activity in the Great Outdoors
  • Phase 3 Guidance
  • Returning to activity in the Great Outdoors
  • Covid19 Officer Training
  • Knowledge Check & Quiz
  • Staying Informed

You can access the course from the following link on the Sport Ireland Website.

You can find a summary of Club Covid Protocols for your information HERE.

On behalf of Athletics Ireland I thank you all for your continued efforts in assisting our sport to resume.

Notice 3rd July 2020

To All Stakeholders,

Please find information below which offers guidance for Athletes, Officials, and Competiton Organisers on the return to competiton.

The guidelines in these documents relate to a return to athletics competition when the Government guidelines permit. It is anticipated that this will not happen until Phase 4 of the Irish Government’s Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business. These documents will be reviewed in line with government announcements.

Guidance for Officials

Guidance for Athletes

Guidance for Competition Organisers

Notice 26th June 2020

26th June 2020

To All Stakeholders,

Please find attached our guidelines for Phase 3 of the lockdown exit. Phase 3 of the exit represents a huge step forward for our sport and we were excited to share our upcoming competition dates earlier in the week.

As always we encourage all stakeholders to be ever vigilant in regard to contact tracing, hygiene and social distancing and we are always here to support you.

Our RDO team are Covid19 trained and ready to assist your Clubs with your return and please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. Our staff contact details are on this link

Key Notes for this phase:
1. Permits sporting activity in outdoor public sports amenities for all ages.
2. Permits people to engage in outdoor sporting and fitness activities, either individually or in a group. 3. Permits individuals to travel anywhere on the island of Ireland.
4. If you feel unwell do not present to the Club.
5. If you are recovering from Covid19 seek medical advice prior to returning to train.
6. Permits outdoor social gathering for groups of up to 200 people and indoor gatherings of up to 50 people. Note these numbers include all people present at any gathering including athletes, coaches, officials and spectators.

Guidance for Clubs

Guidance for Athletes

Guidance for Coaches

Note these protocols do not commence until this Monday the 29th June 2020.


Notice 24th June 2020

To All Stakeholders,

Athletics Ireland is delighted to share new protocols around permitted events as we exit lockdown. Recent announcements by Government allow for outdoor gatherings of up to 200 people from the 29th June, and 500 people from the 20th July.  

We wish to note that every event will have their own unique set of Covid-19 challenges around social distancing, contact tracing, hygiene and participant management.

A strict set of guidelines (note these guidelines are not exhaustive) has been developed with expert advice and this information can be found on the links below;

Road Race Event Organiser Guidelines

Road Race Volunteer, Staff and Marshalls Guidelines

Road Race Participant Guidelines

Athletics Ireland would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding during these unusual times.

If you have already applied for a permit and wish to change it to 2021, please contact directly, we are carrying applications forward and we will try to facilitate a new date for you. Please ensure you clear this date with your County Board.

We know that running provides great mental and physical health benefits for our society. We have a duty of care to ensure that our athletics clubs ensure that we operate within a safe environment.

This practical guide, prepared by our team in consultation with medical experts and in line with Government Guidelines, outlines the robust measures Athletics Ireland strongly recommend race organisers to implement and maintain to help safeguard all participants during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will allow all of us to get back to staging running events and improving the wellbeing of members across the country.

Our measures and procedures are under constant review and updated as advice from government, health authorities and governing bodies evolves in line with the gradual lifting of social restrictions. Note these protocols do not commence until this Monday the 29th June 2020 and are subject to change based on government guidelines.


Notice 22nd June 2020

Athletic Ireland welcomes the recent government announcement in regard to the easing of lockdown restrictions from the 29th June, 2020. We have and continue to work closely with Sport Ireland and the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport to ensure athletics restarts in a safe and progression manner and that our members are responsible and vigilant in suppressing Covid19.

Subject to further government guidance this week we are working towards a full return to Club activities from this coming Monday 29th June for all ages and we will be posting competition dates in the coming days.

We note that Covid19 is still very much with us and it is imperative that we maintain the highest standards in regard to contact tracing, social distancing and hygiene and we will release further details on these strategies this week.

We thank you all for your cooperation and patience during this unprecedented time but it is exciting to see us returning to full Club activity from the 29th June.

Click HERE for Revised Roadmap for Reopening Ireland

- Athletics Ireland


Notice 12th June 2020
FAQ’s for Phase 2 of Lockdown Exit
Key Developments in Phase 2 include;
  • Groups of up to 15, including trainers and coaches, may return to non-contact outdoor training activity (but not matches) while maintaining social distancing at all times.
  • You may travel within your own county, or up to 20 kilometres from your home if crossing county boundaries.
Can 12-year olds turning 13 years in 2020 train with their age group?

Yes, all those born in 2007 and before can train in their club and are insured.

Will there be any Track and Field Competition this year?

The Juvenile and Competition Committees are meeting regularly to plan a return to competition within government guidelines. Provisional dates in August and September are planned for Under 14 groups and above and these will be published in the coming days. Note – all dates will be contingent on meeting government guidelines.

Can Over 70’s attend the Club?

In relation to the vulnerable Over 70 years population, the advice currently is that they may leave their houses for exercise, but they should limit contact with other people, even on a socially distanced basis. This advice does not recommend over 70s attending sports clubs however, it is not mandatory, it is advisory, so individuals can make their own decisions.

Will Summer Camps Proceed?

Government guidelines allow summer camps to proceed in line with strict procedures around outdoor activity only, social distancing, contact tracing and excellent hygiene. A final decision on Athletics Ireland Summer Camps proceeding will be made in the coming days.

Logistics of attending a club session - example
Can more than one group of 15 operate in my club at once?

Yes, your club are responsible for developing their own risk assessment document and if the club believe they can safely operate with more than one group on site they can. The risk assessment is subject to meeting all social distancing, contact tracing and hygiene requirements.

Do all attending need to complete the health screening questionnaire? 

Yes, all attending the club must complete the health screening questionnaire. At the very least the coach should read the questionnaire aloud to all groups and any participant answering yes to the session should be excluded and contact their GP.

We meet as a training group in a local park, does the AAI insurance cover us there?

Yes, once you are a club committee approved group the insurance policy is in place for you.

Does the Club Covid Compliance Officer need to have medical qualifications or expertise?

No, the role of the Club Covid Officer is detailed in the Club Covid Guidelines on page 2 and they do not need to have medical experience

Will Athletics Ireland provide training on Club Covid Compliance Officer?

There is a webinar on the Athletics Ireland Covid page on the website at This page has related information and guidance on the role. Sport Ireland will be providing additional training supports in time and these will be released to the clubs in due course.

Is the club required to put up Covid-19 posters?

Yes, if possible, it is important to advise visitors of their responsibility to maintain social distance, hygiene and sneezing/cough etiquette.

 Is the Covid Compliance Officer solely responsible for ensuring good practices on our return to activity in our club?

No, everyone is equally responsible for ensuring best practices are implemented, the Covid-19 officer merely coordinates that plan.

Is the coach one of the fifteen or is it fifteen athletes and a coach?

The coach is counted as one of the fifteen.


Notice 5th June 2020

To All Stakeholders,

Athletics Ireland is delighted to share the Phase 2 guidance protocols with you as we exit lockdown. The good news announced by our Taoiseach this afternoon includes an increase in the size of outdoor training groups to fifteen (15) and an extension to the distance we can travel to train. People can travel within their own County, or up to 20km from their home, whichever is further.

Guidance for Clubs

Guidance for Athletes

Guidance for Coaches

Note these protocols do not commence until this Monday the 8th June 2020.

COVID-19 Stay Safe Guide Posters:

As we enter Phase 2 guidance protocols, the Government have updated public health advice posters & info graphs to reflect current advice. Please find posters & info graphics below for download. 

Guide Poster Exercising Outdoors A3
Screen Poster Exercising Outdoors
All resources are available HERE


Notice 2nd June 2020

To All Athletics Ireland Stakeholders;

It has come to our attention that several clubs are not adhering to the guidelines issued by Athletics Ireland for Phase I of the return to activity which is very disappointing.

We must note that all Athletics Ireland insurances are null and void if Risk Assessments and Safety officer requirements are not met and that training for those under 13 years is not covered in any form at this time.

Full compliance with the government approved Athletic Ireland guidelines is mandatory and we await Phase 2 approval and specifics through the Sport Ireland Expert Working Group this week.

We strongly remind all Clubs to be extremely vigilant in regard to contact tracing, social distancing and hygiene at this important time for our nation. Camera phones and social media are available to all and it is a very poor reflection on any club and our sport not promoting social distancing and best practice.

Our free to use online club booking application is now available to use and details will be circulated to you later today.

In accordance with specific government guidelines all clubs were permitted to return to limited activity as of Monday 18th May 2020. Athletics is one of the first sports to receive Sport Ireland and Government endorsement to return to activity.

- Athletics Ireland


All Athletics Ireland press releases can be found HERE.

Additional Club Information

Please adhere to the following Club and Athlete measures.

Covid 19 Actions Plan for Clubs

Instructions for Athletes & Clubs​ Poster

Athletics Ireland Covid 19 screening questionnaire: To ensure the Safety & Health of all people interacting with our club, all visitors must complete this declaration form prior to entering our site. If you indicate to us that you have symptoms of COVID-19 or you have been abroad in the last 14 days with exception to Northern Ireland, you should not attend the athletics club. Where this is the case, you are prohibited from entering using the club and advised to seek professional medical help/assistance.

AAI Presentation on Covid-19 Support for Clubs:


Sport Ireland

Sport Ireland Covid-19 course.

Please click HERE to access the Sport Ireland Covid-19 Return to Sport eLearning course for volunteers, clubs and regions. This is a free course on Covid-19 that will be very useful for all clubs to complete as part of their preparations and management of Covid-19 prevention measures.



Please ensure that we all continue to follow the guidelines set out by the HSE in relation to exercise. Full details can be found at

Help prevent coronavirus

Hand Hygiene

Stay Safe


Keep Ireland Moving

Walk, Run, or Jog, but #KeepYourDistance

Athletics Ireland launched a national campaign that aims to keep people active during current restrictions. Athletics Ireland will be offering up free tips and advice to help you stay active while adhering to the HSE guidelines with respect to COVID-19.

Keep Ireland Moving Resources


Webinar Series

Athletics Ireland will be hosting a number of webinars over the coming weeks which will cover a variety of topics. 

Webinar Series

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