Irish Life Health

Irish Life Health is an official partner to Athletics Ireland, supporting our national and school championships, summer camps and The Daily Mile.

Irish Life Health through its partnership with Athletics Ireland is committing to a sport that delivers on health, wellness and lifelong activity.

About Irish Life Health

As a leading Irish health insurer, Irish Life Health’s vision is to help you live a healthier life. When you are healthy, Irish Life Health want to help keep you that way. If you’re not feeling great, Irish Life Health are there to help you recover as quickly as possible. Irish Life Health endevour to provide real value, the health insurance you actually need and the services and experience that you deserve.

Irish Life Health is committed to helping people stay healthy and well in both body and mind with a wide range of innovative benefits and services. As an Irish Life Health member your health is of the highest importance to us and that’s why there are lots of value added services to help keep you healthy, including Digital DoctorHealthy Minds, Back-UpMinor Injury Clinics.

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