7 Reasons Why #IAMARUNNER


I’m not a runner becasue I'm slow.”

“I’m not a runner because I don’t run races.”

“I’m not a runner because I only run a few miles per week.”

“I’m not a runner because I’ve never run a marathon.”

You run, you are a runner. And if you still don’t believe us, read our seven signs to remind you that you are indeed a runner.

1. You Put in the Effort

Being a runner doesn’t depend on how many miles you run or what your pace is. You can race or never pin a bib to your shirt—either way, you are still a runner. There’s no qualifying standard for being a runner. What matters is that you want to run, you make the consistent effort to run, and that you perceive yourself as a runner.

2. You Work Through Challenges  

Some of us have been running for years, some for months, but what you

should always remember is once you begin running, it becomes a part of your life that can give you so much. No matter what—whether we’re running only a few miles a week or qualifying for the Dublin marathon— we can still proudly say I AM A RUNNER.

3. Gaining Clarity is Just as Important to You as Improving

We all have our own reasons for tying up our laces for the first time and heading out for our first run. Some start running for fitness, others for stress relief or to meet up with friends. Others may run faster or longer than you, but the times and mileage that other people undertake do not define you as a runner. It is each time that you go run that lets you say I AM A RUNNER.

4. Running Helps You Grow as a Person

The beauty of running is that the road can be as long or short as you want it to be. Running offers you the option to take time with your own thoughts, or to meet up with friends. The desire for improvement shapes many of us, but that doesn’t always mean faster times or long distances.

5. You Learn to Embrace Adversity 

You won’t always be in your peak shape or constantly improving— that’s simply unrealistic—but it’s the determination to keep running no matter what life brings that lets you say I AM A RUNNER

6. You Can’t Stop Wanting More 

While racing isn’t required for being a runner, races show you your full potential as a runner. Few things provide such a sense of accomplishment and make you want to shout I AM A RUNNER as crossing the finish line of a race.

7. There’s Nothing Like the Feeling of Accomplishment After a Great Run

Through the practice of believing that ‘I AM A RUNNER’, you can cultivate the physical and mental strength to achieve goals that you thought were for others.

Join the I AM A RUNNER Community and inspire others to join the movement for movement. Whether you are a new runner going your first mile or an experienced runner training for marathons, YOU ARE A RUNNER and should celebrate it.

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