• Longford Athletic Club’s Exciting Development Plan

  • Dynamic New Athletics (DNA) made its debut on Day 3 in Minsk

  • A busy weekend of action at the AAI Games and Combined Events

  • Action packed day at the Irish Life Health Tailteann Games

  • Action aplenty with Combined Events and AAI Games

International Technical Officials

Current International Technical Officials from Ireland:


IAAF Panels: 

Pierce O'Callaghan     2006-present      International Race Walking Judge

John Cronin                 2014-present      International Technical Official


European Panels: 

John Cronin                 2014-present      Technical Delegates Panel

Pierce O’Callaghan     2014-present      Technical Delegates Panel

Ronan O’Hart               2009-present      International Technical Official

Pierce O’Callaghan     2014-present      International Technical Official

Declan Curtin               2014-present      International Technical Official

Shaun Gallagher         2014-present      International Race Walking Judge

Ray Flynn                     2014-present      International Race Walking Judge


Previous Irish members of IAAF panels:

Bernie O’Callaghan     1993-1999          International Race Walking Judge

Michael Lane               1993-2005          International Race Walking Judge

Al Guy                           1984-2001          International Technical Official


Previous Irish members of European Athletics panels:

Liam Hennessy           1996-2009          International Technical Official

Nick Davis                    1996-2005          International Technical Official

John Cronin                 2005-2013          International Technical Official

Pierce O’Callaghan     2005-2006          International Race Walking Judge

Michael Quinlan 2009-2013          International Technical Official


National Technical Official (NTO) panel 

The following are the members of the National Technical Officials Panel from 2011-2015.

Tim Ahern, Nicky Cowman, Declan Curtin, David Doherty, Brian Dowling, Ciaran Doyle, Georgina Drumm, Pat Fitzgibbon, Peter Hanlon, Antoinette Holland, Noreen Keane, Carmel Kelly, Brendan McDaid, James McKee, Jacqueline Mulhall, Pierce O’Callaghan, Ciaran O’Cathain, Karl O’Connell, Michael O'Hart, Pat O’Keeffe, Kathleen Wilkinson and Martin Wilkinson, Alistair Wilson.


National Race walking Judges (NRWJ) Panel (2011 certification)

The following are the members of the National Race Walking Judges Panel from 2011-2015. 

Pierce O'Callaghan, Michael Lane, Anne McGill, Antoinette Holland, Brendan McDaid, Brian Hanley, David Kidd, Frank Lynch, Jimmy McDonald, John Egan, John Lennon, Marie Mooney, Michael Moran, Michael Oliver, Noel Morley, Padraig Healy, Pat Ryan, Ray Flynn, Regina Prenderville, Shaun Gallagher, Zuzana Costin.

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