Men’s Road Records

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Event Mark Name Venue Date
5km 13:35 Frank O’Mara Carlsbad CA, USA 14.04.91
4 miles 17:59 Noel Berkely Peoria IL, USA 20.06.92
8km 22:08 John Doherty Agawam MA, USA 21.05.89
5 miles to be ratified
10km 27:46 John Treacy Phoenix AZ, USA 02.03.85
12km 35:05 34:39a Ronnie Carroll John Doherty Spokane WA, USA San Francisco CA, USA 05.05.85 20.05.90
15km 42:47 John Treacy Portland OR, USA 26.06.88
10 miles 46:25 John Treacy Portsmouth, ENG 10.10.93
20km 57:42 Martin Fagan The Hague NL 14.03.09
Half Marathon 1:00:57 Martin Fagan The Hague NL 14.03.09
25km 1:17:34 1:17:34 Daniel McDaid Neil Cusack Ameln, GER Ameln, GER 02.05.76 02.05.76
Marathon 2:11:23 2:09:15a John Treacy John Treacy Tokyo, Japan Boston MA, USA 12.02.90 18.04.88

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