Barr to lead Irish into action at Euro Teams


Barr to lead Irish into action at Euro teams

Thomas Barr (Ferrybank) will lead the Irish team into action tomorrow at the European Athletics Team Championships in Sandnes, Norway (August 9-11).

Barr will star in his favoured 400m hurdles event where Norway’s Karsten Warholm is now not competing due to a stomach bug. This will see the Waterford athlete looking to score big points for the Irish team to stay in the league – one below the Super League which takes place concurrently in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Sandnes is the home of the Ingebrigtsens and all three brothers will be competing over the weekend – Jakob in the 1500m, Filip in the 3,000m and Henrik in the 5,000m. They will be looking to score maximum points for the host country where Andrew Coscoran (Star of the Sea), John Travers (Donore Harriers) and Ryan Forsyth (Newcastle) will be looking to put up a challenge in the respective events.

Fionnuala McCormack (Kilcoole) is fresh off a good win at the national championships in the 5,000m.

The European Athletics Team Championships comprises one single competition where men’s and women’s teams represent as a single team the respective European Athletics Member Federation.

The winner of each individual event and each relay in each match shall score as many points as there are teams competing in the respective League, the second will score one fewer, and so on. Athletes or relay teams with no valid performance, disqualified or not finishing shall not score.

In case of qualification rounds held for the track events, the athletes who competed, but did not qualify for the finals, would receive points according to their ranking, based on the amalgamated results of two heats (i.e. overall ranking from 9 to 11). In case an athlete qualified for the final, but subsequently had no valid result (i.e. either DQ or DNF or DNS), he/she will still be eligible to receive minimum points according to the qualification rounds (e.g. taking 8th place in the overall ranking). In case there are more than one athlete with no valid results in the final, the relevant points will be equally distributed.

In case of heats the results of the two heats are amalgamated, with the athletes’ times determining their placings. In case of a tie between athletes in the different heats for races up to 400m inclusively and relays the photo finish judge shall consider the actual times to the 1/1000th of a second.

If two or more athletes tie for a place in any event, the attributable points shall be divided equally between them.

The team having the highest aggregate number of points shall be the winner of the European Athletics Team Championships First League Sandnes 2019 and will be promoted to the Super League for the next edition. The last four ranked teams will be relegated to the Second League for the next edition.

If two or more teams have the same aggregate number of points, the tie shall be decided in favour of the team having the greater number of event winners. If the tie still remains it shall be decided in favour of the team having the greater number of second places, and soon. (Regulation 602.12).

All the event information and relevant links for Sandnes are HERE and there will be a live stream link on the European Athletics site also.

The initial Irish team selection is HERE

Please note that this is not the final selection and there have, and will be, potential further changes. Leon Reid (Menapians) is not competing as written on the link.

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