Competition & Consumer Protection Commission Finding


The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) have recently assessed the information provided by Athletics Ireland (AAI) to consider if AAI engaged in alleged anti-competitive practices in their partnership with Eventmaster.

Athletics Ireland is delighted to confirm that the CCPC has not found evidence of anti-competitive practice associated with the AAI. The CCPC has formally thanked AAI for our cooperation, and engagement throughout this process.

Athletics Ireland CEO, Hamish Adams notes “We welcome this assessment by the CCPC and note the finding of no specific evidence of abusive conduct associated with the AAI. This finding validates the diligence and professionalism we have shown throughout the One Day Licence development process. The CCPC has noted three low level recommendations 1. vigilant tender processes, 2. engagement and feedback with stakeholders and 3. as confirmed to the CCPC that the AAI will not place any restrictions on AAI members running in non-permitted races in the State and will not restrict the holding of non-permitted road races in the State.”  

The establishment of the €2 One Day Licence paid by non-members in all AAI permitted recreational events has been instrumental in supporting the incredible performances of our international coaches and athletes in 2023. All funds generated from this new revenue stream are ring-fenced for the high-performance programme. We aspire to develop additional revenue streams to continue to support our high-performance programme into the future.

Athletics Ireland thanks all stakeholders for their feedback, support, and engagement during this process.

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