Fit4Life Webinar


Has your community been inspired to get up and running?

Do you want to establish a safe and sociable environment for training that caters for all levels and abilities?

Are you tired of running solo, and want to meet likeminded people or want to improve your health and fitness? Then Fit4Life is for you!


Athletics Ireland will host our first ever Fit4Life Webinar Series for leaders and runners! This webinar will take place on August the 25th at 6.30pm, via a Zoom Workshop.

The aim of our webinars is to:

  • Educate participants on the Fit4Life programme
  • Develop new Fit4Life leaders and clubs.


This webinar will introduce the Fit4Life programme and prepare you to set up your own Fit4Life group within your own club or community. The webinar will equip you with the necessary skills to improve the health and fitness of the participants involved. This initiative provides an opportunity to create a space for those who wish to partake in recreational running, jogging or walking.

Emmett Dunleavy from will host our workshop. Emmett’s aim is to help runners of all abilities fulfill their potential and achieve their athletic goals.          

By the end of the webinar, you should be able to:

  • Describe what Fit4Life is and who it is for
  • Identify your roles and responsibilities as a Fit4Life leader
  • Understand the skills involved in coaching
  • Have the ability to plan the components and structure of a session
  • Adapt activities to the stage and needs of an individual
  • Understand methods of training and coaching
  • Give individuals a positive, enjoyable, and relevant fitness experience


To register your interest, please click on the following link HERE

There is no previous experience in running needed!

Participants are grouped by ability for training sessions, which allows runners/walkers to train at a level they are comfortable with. There are training progressions available for every level and will be tailored for your specific needs.


Benefits of Fit4Life:

  • Learn and train with qualified Fit4Life leaders.
  • You will be protected by Athletics Ireland insurance.
  • You will have the opportunity to work towards personal goals and achievements!
  • Numerous health benefits.
  • Increased social interaction.
  • Education and understanding of training.
  • Keeps you motivated and disciplined.
  • Increases your social circle.
  • Tailored training programmes and sessions depending on your level of fitness.

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