Free Online Contact Tracing Club Reservation System


Athletics Ireland are delighted to announce the availability to Clubs of a free online contact tracing club reservation system developed in conjunction with our partners Eventmaster. This central data repository acts as a permanent record for all registered club members attending Clubs that are open.

We encourage all our Clubs to utilise this excellent service. Members please ensure that your Club is open and is using this system prior to making a booking. We note that many Clubs have not opened at this time.

Note that all users of this system must know their AI Life Membership Registration Number.

The system is very user friendly, mobile phone compatible and an individual registered Club member can book for up to three other members at any time without having to input the additional three members AI membership numbers.

 An online tutorial for users is available below;

The athlete club reservation system is now live at this link -

For any queries please email

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