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In Ireland and throughout the world life expectancy is increasing year in year out.  With this in mind, it is paramount that we increase the “Healthy life years” in an individual to increase the lifespan and help to avoid chronic diseases down the line. Last year, Athletics Ireland were involved in the Memtrain Erasmus + programme which aimed to improve cognitive skills in mature adults by combining physical exercise + brain training. The project was developed and used across other European countries. FIT4FIFTY+ is a result of this project and study. FIT4FIFTY+ targets citizens over the age of 55 who are currently living a sedentary lifestyle. This programme is developed as a transitional platform from being not active at all to living an active lifestyle, a walk to jog programme.

We debuted the programme last year, and it was received positively. We saw a considerable increase in fitness both physically and cognitively from the members participating. We are looking for 4 clubs to partake in this programme and two leaders from each club to deliver the programme. The session will be 40 minutes of Physical exercise and 20 minutes of cognitive training. However, this can be altered to suit the needs of the host club and the participants. The goal at the end of the course is for the participant to partake in a 2.5 or 5 k walk/run. The end goal also is that these participants remain active and may become a member of the club. For the success of the programme it is essential that it is advertised towards non-active members of the public.

What do Athletics Ireland provide?

Promotional material to help group participants.
All equipment that will be needed when conducting the training sessions.
T-Shirts and water bottles for the participants.
Training and clothing will be given to leaders from each club. Ideally there will be one leader to 10 participants.

What is required from the host club?

The host club will provide the venue for the programme and provide two leaders.
Leaders to be able to conduct two sessions per week for 6-8 weeks.
The leaders will deliver the course from September to October.


The cost of the course is 50 euros per participant.
This will be split 50:50 between the club and organisation.


Closing dates for applications will be July 30th. 
Please register online:


Here is an example of what a session would look like.

YouTube video:


If Interested, please contact;

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