Irish timetable and preview for Berlin


Irish timetable and preview for Berlin

It will be a busy week for the 42 Irish athletes selected to compete at the European Athletics Championships in Berlin next week (August 6-12).

Action starts with an evening session on Monday where Adam McMullen (Crusaders), Phil Healy (Bandon) and Gina Akpe-Moses (Blackrock-Louth) will compete. McMullen competes in the long jump qualifying groups with Healy and Akpe-Moses in the heats of the 100m.

Brendan Boyce (Finn Valley) will be in the first medal race for Ireland in the men’s 50km on Tuesday morning where he will hope for a strong showing. The action comes thick and fast then in the evening session and for the rest of the week.

The Irish athletes will be hoping to negotiate the rounds aiming at recording season’s bests or personal bests with plenty of final chances in the offing.

Statistically it will be a challenge for Irish athletes to podium but that won’t deter highly-ranked athletes such as Thomas Barr (Ferrybank) in the men’s 400m hurdles and Ciara Mageean (UCD) in the women’s 1500m.

Leon Reid (Menapians) will compete alongside (Marcus Lawler (SLOT) in the men’s 200m and should spur each other on to good performances while Phil Healy (Bandon) runs in the 100m and 200m.

There are also team competitions in the marathon so the women’s and men’s teams will be looking to combine to put forward a strong challenge and feature.

There are a lot of young athletes competing who are still U20 or have just graduated into their first senior championship including Gina Akpe-Moses (Blackrock-Louth), world U20 4x100m relay silver medallist, in the women’s 100m and Chris O’Donnell (North Sligo), in the men’s 400m who was 6th in the European U20 final last year in a national U20 record of 46.54.

This championships gives a great opportunity for many athletes to get experience in this Tokyo Olympic cycle.

The Irish competition timetable (including should they advance to finals) is below. For event features, live timetable and results, along with live stream options are available on the European Athletics website HERE. There will also be extensive coverage on RTÉ along with social media updates on Athletics Ireland channels.   

You can also see an Irish history at the European Championships HERE

Monday (August 6th) - PM                                          Irish time/ Venue time                                 

Adam McMullen (Crusaders) Long Jump Qualifying          15:35   16:35

Phil Healy (Bandon) 100m Heats                                       16:45   17:45

Gina Akpe-Moses (Blackrock-Louth) 100m heats              16:45   17:45

Tuesday (August 7th) -  AM                                                        

Brendan Boyce (Finn Valley) 50k Race Walk Final            07:35   08:35

Chris O'Donnell (North Sligo) 400m Heats                         09:35  10:35

Claire Mooney (UCD) 800m Heats                                    10:05  11:05

Siofra Cléirigh-Buttner (DSD) 800m Heats                        10:05 11:05

Tuesday (August 7th) - PM                                                   

Phil Healy (Bandon) 100m Semi-final  18:05 19:05

Gina Akpe-Moses (Blackrock-Louth) 100m Semi-final      18:05     19:05

Thomas Barr (Ferrybank) 400m hurdles Semi-final           18:45    19:45

Stephen Scullion (Clonliffe Harriers) 10,000m      Final     19:20    20:20      

Phil Healy (Bandon) 100m Final                                        20:30 21:30

Gina Akpe-Moses (Blackrock-Louth) 100m Final              20:30 21:30         

Wednesday (August 8th) - AM                                                            

Marcus Lawler (SLOT) 200m Heats                                  09:50     10:50                    

Wednesday (August 8th) - PM                                                            

Chris O'Donnell (North Sligo) 400m Semi-final                 18:30     19:30

Adam McMullen (Crusaders) Long Jump Final                 18:40    19:40

Claire Mooney (UCD) 800m Semi-final                             18:55    19:55

Siofra Cléirigh-Buttner (DSD) 800m Semi-final                 18:55    19:55

Marcus Lawler (SLOT) 200m Semi-final                           19:15    20:15

Leon Reid (Menapians) 200m Semi-final                          19:15    20:15

Emma Mitchell (Queens) 10,000m Final                           19:40    20:40               

Thursday (August 9th) - AM                                                 

Ben Reynolds (North Down) 110m Hurdles Heats            09:55  10:55

Mark English (UCD) 800m Heats                                      10:30 11:30

Zak Curran (DSD) 800m  Heats                                       10:30  11:30    

Thursday (August 9th) - PM                                                  

Thomas Barr (Ferrybank) 400m hurdles Final                  19:15 20:15

Marcus Lawler (SLOT) 200m Final                                   20:05     21:05

Leon Reid (Menapians) 200m Final                                  20:05     21:05                                                    

Friday (August 10th) - AM                                                        

Phil Healy (Bandon) 200m            Heats                          10:25     11:25

Ciara Mageean (UCD) 1500m      Heats                          11:00     12:00

Kerry O'Flaherty (Newcastle) 3000m s/chase Heats        11:25     12:25

Michelle Finn (Leevale) 3000m s/chase Heats                 11:25     12:25

Men's 4 x 400m Relay Heats                                            12:50     13:05

Women's 4 x 400m Relay Heats                                       12:40     13:40                                                    

Friday (August 10th) - PM                                                        

Ben Reynolds (North Down) 110m hurdles Semi-final     18:10     19:10

Mark English (UCD) 800m Semi-final                              18:32     19:32

Zak Curran (DSD) 800m Semi-final                                 18:32     19:32

Phil Healy (Bandon) 200m Semi-final                              18:48     19:48

Chris O'Donnell (North Sligo) 400m          Final               20:05     21:05

Claire Mooney (UCD) 800m Final                                    20:20     21:20

Siofra Cléirigh-Buttner (DSD) 800m Final                        20:20    21:20

Ben Reynolds (North Down) 110m hurdles Final             20:35 21:35

Saturday (August 11th) - AM                                                  

Cian McManamon (Westport) 20k Race Walk Final        09:55     10:55

Alex Wright (Leevale) 20k Race Walk Final                     09:55     10:55

Saturday (August 11th) - PM                                                  

Mark English (UCD) 800m Final                                      19:30     20:30

Zak Curran (DSD) 800m Final                                         19:30     20:30

Phil Healy (Bandon) 200m Final                                      19:45     20:45

Men's 4 x 400m Relay Final                                            20:30 21:30

Women's 4 x 400m Relay Final                                       20:50 21:50

Sunday (August 12th) - AM                                                     

Breege Connolly (North Belfast Harriers) Marathon        08:05     09:05

Gladys Ganiel (North Belfast Harriers) Marathon            08:05     09:05

Laura Graham (Mourne Runners) Marathon                   08:05     09:05

Lizzie Lee (Leevale) Marathon                                        08:05     09:05

Kevin Seaward (St Malachy’s)    Marathon                     09:00     10:00

Mick Clohisey (Raheny Shamrock) Marathon                 09:00     10:00

Paul Pollock (Annadale Striders) Marathon                    09:00     10:00

Sean Hehir (Rathfarnham WSAF) Marathon                  09:00     10:00

Sergiu Ciobanu (Clonliffe Harriers)           Marathon       09:00     10:00                                                    

Sunday (August 12th) - PM                                                     

Women's 4 x 100m Relay Heats                                     18:20     19:20

Ciara Mageean (UCD) 1500m Final 19:00 20:00

Kerry O'Flaherty (Newcastle) 3000m steeplechase Final 19:55                     20:55

Michelle Finn (Leevale) 3000m steeplechase Final 19:55                 20:55

Women's 4 x 100m Relay Final    20:20     21:20

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