Major Jumps Coach & Athlete Development Opportunities


There are some great opportunities for Irish Jumps enthusiasts in the coming weeks and months. We have two prominent Jumps coaches from Great Britain visiting Ireland to provide Mentoring and Coach development skills to our Jumps Coaches and Athletes.

High Jumpers are in for a treat with Fuzz Caan (senior Jumps coach with UK Athletics and coach to Robbie Grabarz (Olympic medallist and European Champion)) Fuzz will visit for 2 x weekends before Christmas 19-20 October and 7-8 December in Dublin’s National Indoor Arena. He will initially focus on breaking down the fundamental aspects to High Jumping from a coaching viewpoint and how to positively influence your athletes. Then he will look at how to physically prepare for this.

John Shepherd will then be visiting at the end of November (Nov 30/Dec 1) to look at Long Jump Development. John is a renowned coach in Horizontal Jumps and is well known for producing many YouTube instruction videos on Jumps. He will focus on the value and content of a good warm up, Understanding the different elements of Long Jump, Importance of good running technique in Jumps, Testing etc. This weekend session will be well worthwhile to Triple Jumpers as well.

Both of the above clinics are primarily designed to mentor and develop our coaching standards and to facilitate this, a selected group of athletes (National Squad only) will be invited to participate in the sessions. Other athletes and coaches are encouraged to attend and then bring the lessons back to your local clubs.

If you wish to attend please contact Dave Sweeney at for further details.

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