National Marathon Championship Information


2020 National Marathon Championship Information

- Any National Marathon participant for the one of the last 3 Championships (2017,2018 or 2019 ) will be guaranteed entry to the 2020 National Marathon Championships (KBC Dublin Marathon). Eligible    participants will be able to guarantee their place in the 2020 event provided they enter within 72 hours of receiving a unique URL enabling them to do so. The URL will be issued at 12 noon on Friday, 1st November.

- There will be Good for Age Standard places allocated to AAI members, applications for these places open on 1st April 2020. To avail an athlete must have met the required standard in a recognised marathon in the past 3 years and be a registered member of AAI.

- All other athletes can register their interest to enter the National Championships via the KBC Dublin Marathon lottery system from November the 1st..

- To declare for the National Championships please enter all your details on the KBC Dublin marathon website as per your membership with AAI at the point of entry . This will be automatically checked against the AAI membership system. An athletes personal details on the KBC Dublin marathon site are not editable. Therefore it may be necessary to amend an athletes AAI membership details. Your club name will then appear beside your name on the KBC Dublin marathon entry. Your club name will not appear if your membership details and Dublin marathon details do not match. ANI athletes will be checked at a later stage.

- For those entering the lottery, If accepted into the 2020 Marathon event you will receive a text between approx. Jan 3rd-10th 2020. Prior to this date you must be registered with Athletics Ireland for the 2020 calendar and your details on the KBC Dublin Marathon entry system must match your membership to AAI details. ANI athletes will be checked at a later stage.

- Membership details will be automatically checked off the AAI memberships system to verify an athletes membership with the organisation. Please ensure your personal details are correct. Your name needs to match your AI registration (ie. It will not work if you register as 'Dave' if your Athletics Ireland registration is 'David'). Please contact your club if you require to have any personal information updated.

- Please contact your club if you require access to your membership number.

- All AAI athletes must have completed their 2020 membership prior to the 3rd of January. The membership system will reopen for 2020 on the 17th of December.

- The athletes club must have affiliated for 2020 in order for athletes  to register as a member.

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