National Officials Technology Training Day


A large group of National Officials recently attended a very successful Technology Training Day at the TUS Indoor Arena on April 20th.

The half-day course covered the set-up and operation of the EDM (Electronic Distance Measuring) equipment which is used for measuring horizontal throws and jumps.

The day also introduced officials to the Video Take-Off camera. The Video Take-Off camera can help the officials to determine whether an athlete has a foul jump. This calculates at what distance the athlete has placed their foot to take off for their long jump competition.

The final part of the day focussed on the weighing and measuring of implements and the tools for ensuring that shots, javelins, hammers, and discus are of the correct specifications before they are used in a competition.

All who attended agreed that it was a very enjoyable and informative day, and they are looking forward to putting their new skills to use as we enter the outdoor season.

Thank you to all the National Officials who attended the course for their continued dedication and commitment to our sport.

Thank you also to the excellent panel of facilitators, Ciara Heneghan, Fintan Kenny,  Andrew Lynam, Majella McGrath, Eoghan McGrath, Shay Murphy, Alistair Wilson, who organised and delivered the course.

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