Online Exercise Resources


Athletics Ireland have put together an online resource offering up tips and advice to help you stay active while adhering to the latest HSE guidelines with respect to COVID-19.

Exercise helps with not only your physical health but also your mental health, and the simplicity and accessibly of athletics makes it the perfect form of exercise to keep you enjoying an active lifestyle.

Our online resource offers:
  • Coaching tips and advice
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Training Plans
  • Circuit Training
  • AAI Mobility Program
  • Links to recent webinars
  • Run, Jump, and Throw challenges

We would urge you to get involved and try some of the home drills and exercises which include the '2021 Home Challenge Series', which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Find out the benefits of joining your local athletics club HERE

Please ensure that we all continue to follow the guidelines set out by the HSE in relation to exercise.

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