Secondary Schools wanted for exciting iRunForFun programme


‘Post Primary Schools Wanted for Exciting New Programme’

 Athletics Ireland is looking for secondary schools to take part in an exciting new project. iRunForFun is a school based recreational running initiative that will take place over an initial 6 week period beginning this Autumn.

This is a programme aimed to increase activity levels of entire schools by encouraging engagement in recreational running in students of all levels of fitness. It also aims to give students an increased awareness of the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle

Physical Education Department

·   Physical Education teachers will use this six week iRunForFun training programme to encourage students to complete the programme. There are three levels available to participants which cater for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners. 

Athletics Ireland Race Packs

·  Each school will be provided with an ‘Athletics Ireland Race Pack’ which will allow them to measure and design the course within the school grounds. The logistics of the race will also be handled by students who will draw upon knowledge that they have acquired through classes such as Geography (Map drawing), Art (Poster design), and other relevant classes. The students themselves will then be responsible for the organisation and delivery of the race.

iRunForFun Diary

· Included in the Athletics Ireland Race Pack is the specially designed ‘iRunForFun Diary’. This is a purpose made diary that all participants will receive. The diary will include training tips, nutritional advice, benefits of exercise, and other relevant items of interest. It will also provide students with a means whereby they can log and monitor their training progress.

Project Management

· The administrative aspect of this programme will be in particular aimed at Transition Year students as it provides an excellent opportunity for a group to undertake a fun and challenging project.

School/Club Link

The school will be linked up with athletics clubs in the local area who will give advice to students during the running of the programme while also encouraging students, both elite and recreational, to become involved in their local club.

Anyone seeking further information should contact Sliabh Wells on 01-8869933 or . Alternatively you can fill in THIS FORM 




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