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Athletics Ireland has adopted the Sports Anti-Doping Rules which are compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code. Athletics Ireland strongly recommends that all athletes become familiar with their rights and responsibilities in relation to anti-doping programmes and act according.

Athletics Ireland condemns the use of banned substances and unethical methods to improve the performance of athletes in sport. We support a fair and equitable competition environment and doping does not promote the good health and safe welfare of athletes. We believe that any illegal substances and methods are against the spirit of sport and will bring the Sport of Athletics into disrepute and accordingly have zero tolerance for such practices.

Everything you need to know on Doping in sport

Useful Links

The Irish Anti-Doping Rules

The IAAF Athlete’s guide

Irish Sports Council Anti-Doping and Facebook

World Anti-Doping Agency and Facebook

Informed Sport

Latest Updates

15/08/12 The Irish Sports Council recently issued a medical advisory notice for the illegal stimulant – DMAA/methylhexanamine. Further information can also be found on the ISC’s website here

Where to start?

Athletes and their support personnel often say they are not sure where to start learning about anti-doping. There is a lot of information available about anti-doping, but a good place to start is to work through the various sections on this website to increase your knowledge of anti-doping, and check what leaflets or programmes would be useful to you.

Athletics Ireland advises that everyone take a look at the below links and become familiar with the following content in relation to educating athletes/coaches:

All athletes should be aware of what happens in a drug test and their rights and responsibilities - view the section “What happens in a drug test?”

All athletes should be aware of how to check their medications - read “How to check your medications”. If you need to use a prohibited substance – read “Therapeutic Use Exemptions”.

Athletes who compete at international level competition should pay particular attention to section 1 of the Therapeutic Use Exemption Policy where some International Federations require athletes to apply directly to them for a TUE.

Registered Testing Pool athletes and their support personnel should be aware of, and understand their responsibilities for complying with whereabouts requirements, and the serious consequences for non- compliance - read “Registered Testing Pool”.

If you require further information please contact: (01) 8869933

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