Sprint 100m 200m 400m


  • The race starts with a command: "on your mark" followed by "set" and then the gun is fired.
  • The runners accelerate up to between the 40m and 60m marks, when they reach top speed.


  • In the 200m races, runners only use 92 to 93 percent of their maximum speed.
  • They reach their highest speed between the 100m and 150m marks.
  • The time is registered when the runner's torso (chest) passes the finish line.
  • That is the reason why most athletes lunge forward when they approach the finish line


  • In the race, after the acceleration phase, it is important for the sprinters to run in as relaxed a mode as possible up to the 250-300m mark, when the lactid acid starts building up.
  • From then on, the aim is to lose as little as possible.
  • The best lanes are 3,4,5 and 6.
  • The bends for the athletes in the inner lanes are tight while those in outer lanes can't see their competitors.
  • The 400m is a lot about sprint endurance and the runners undergo a lot of lactic acid training in order to cope with the last 100m of the race.

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