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    Lizzie Lee offers her top tips for keeping the family active
    Written by Olympian Lizzie Lee

    Ahead of this month’s Irish Life Health Family Mile Challenge, Olympic marathon runner Lizzie Lee shares some brilliant tips around keeping a...

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    Outdoor Activities will Benefit the Whole Family
    Written by Waterways Ireland

    The world as we knew it changed at the beginning of 2020 and we have all had to make many changes to our lives. But while restrictions have forced us...

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    International Adolescent Health Week
    Written by Freya Feeney

    The link between athletics and good health is no secret. We have all heard that a little fresh air and moving our bodies will do us a world of good....

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    Runuary 5 Mile Ambassador Denise Fay
    Written by Runuary

    Fair Weather Running Years ago, I worked in Trinity College for a summer. I had my lunch practically every day on the cricket pitch, by the Pav. I...

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    Top 5 tips to aid recovery after a run from Physio Ciara McCallion
    Written by Ciara McCallion MSc (Sports Med) MISCP

    With so many people taking part in the Athletics Ireland and Irish Life Health “Runuary” programme, I have put together my top tips to...

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    Best foods for before & after your ‘Runuary’ training
    Written by Evan Lynch Runuary Nutrition Expert

    We hear all sorts of things in relation to exercise nutrition, what we should be doing, what we shouldn’t be doing and what we could do better,...

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