• runzone
    7 Reasons Why #IAMARUNNER
    Written by I AM A RUNNER

    I’m not a runner becasue I'm slow.” “I’m not a runner because I don’t run races.” “I’m not a...

  • coaching
    A strategic approach to practice
    Written by Phil Kearney

    Whether playing sport, practicing a musical instrument, learning to drive or studying schoolwork, understanding how to practice most effectively has...

  • coaching
    Organising training activities to maximise learning
    Written by Phil Kearney

    Organising training activities to maximise learning: Lessons from the science of skill acquisition Skill acquisition (also known as motor learning)...

  • runzone
    Written by Grace Lynch, RDO for Munster for AAI

    As a runner, I am always faced with new challenges which require me to adapt in order to persevere and reach my goals. Maybe it is starting a new...

  • juvenile
    Carraig na bhFear AC focusing on retaining their juvenile members
    Written by Athletics Ireland

    Children love to run and jump with their friends. Athletic clubs provide a structure and organisation to develop these skills of running and jumping...

  • organisational
    Some tips on getting up and running
    Written by David Matthews - 2 Time Olympian, Double Irish Record Holder

    There’s no doubt we are right in the middle of a running boom in Ireland.  There isn’t a parish or village across the country that...

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