Home Activities

This online resource is based of activities children would undertake in the Athletics Ireland Summer Camps.

These exercises can be done at home and will be a great way to keep your children active!

We will be continuously releasing more activities in the near future so keep checking back for more fun!

Have Fun, Be Active & Try Athletics!

  • Monday: Warm Up (see video below) > Home Circuit (see video below) > Monday Challenge > Draw your favourite athlete (send to marketing@athleticsireland.ie for a shout out)
  • Tuesday: Warm Up (see video below) > Sit -Throw -Catch Activity (see video below) > Tuesday Challenge > Design your own running singlet or kit
  • Wednesday: Warm Up (see video below) > Balance Beam (see video below) > Wednesday Challenge > Colour Ciara (send to marketing@athleticsireland.ie for a shout out)
  • Thursday: Warm Up (see video below) > Home Circuit > Thursday Challenge > Create a home obstacle course and have a parent time you.
  • Friday: Warm Up (see video below) > Sit Throw Catch Activity > Friday Challenge > Practice your social distancing hop (click HERE for video)

Warm-up drills

It is important to incorporate warm-up drills in your training. Runners who regularly incorporate drills into their training are better able to recruit muscles needed for the task, leaving them less injury-prone!


Home Circuit

Try this circuit training activity for a fun & productive way to get your workout in at home!

Download the PDF HERE.


Sit, Throw & Catch

This sit, throw and catch activity aims to improve your throwing and agility skills while at home.

Download the PDF HERE.


Balance Beam

This balance beam exercise aims introduce participants to basic body movements and range of motions their bodies can perform at home. 

Download the PDF HERE.

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