Athletics Leader


  • Athletics Leader focuses on introducing the fundamentals of athletic movement to children.
  • The aim of the Athletics Leader course is to provide teachers, parents and club members with the skills and tools to manage and lead an Athletics Programme in their club or school.
  • The content focuses on organising athletics games and activities for young children. It is aimed at those who want to coach or assist in their local club or school.
  • The course focuses primarily on developing athleticism through games designed to improve agility, balance and co-ordination and is very practical in nature.


  • The content for this course includes;
  • group coaching skills and identifying ways to make the coaching sessions fun
  • The use of small hurdles and obstacles, running, jumping, throwing and running
  • games to provide fun in developing fitness
  • developing an awareness of the growing child and the implications on fitness activities
  • games to develop speed and reaction, using acceleration and change of direction
  • The ethics of coaching including topics such as winning vs. involvement and recognising the importance of individual improvement
  • Practical sessions on running and agility, balance, jumping, co-ordination and throwing and catching
  • Planning a session and a programme


Duration: This is a course over 1 day (8 hours)

Entry Requirements: Athletics Leader is open to all those who are 16 years or over

Assessment/ Qualification: There is no exam.

Cost: €70, Included in the fee for this course is the Athletics Leader manual full of fun games and activities for use with young athletes

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