Level 2

Aim: At this level the coach begins to focus on an event group specialisation, i.e. Sprints and Hurdles, Distance and Walks, Jumps, or Throws. This course is aimed at those who have coached at Level 1 for at least one year and who are working with athletes who themselves are beginning to specialise and develop in certain event areas.


  • Planning/Periodization
  • Lifestyle Capacities
  • Nutrition/Hydration
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Medical Considerations for coaching athletes
  • Introduction to Sports Psychology
  • Preparation for competition
  • Injury Prevention and Regeneration
  • Testing & Monitoring
  • Introduction to Physiology/Anatomy
  • Technique and training progressions.
  • Developing coaching skills.
  • Developing event awareness and the competitive process.
  • The coach will qualify in one of the 4 modules - (the 4 being – speed and hurdles, endurance and walks, throws, jumps)


  • The course will be three weekends in duration.
  • The first weekend will be a ‘generic’ theory weekend.
  • The second and third weekends will be event specific.
  • Coaches must attend all three weekends and pass both written and practical assessments in order to be certified as a Level 2 Coach in an event area (e.g. Level 2 Jumps/ Level 2 Throws etc.)

Entry Requirements

Level 2 is open to those active coaches who have completed Level 1 or are assimilated at Level 1 and have a min. of 1 years coaching experience at Level 1


  • Practical Assessment
  • Written assessment

Cost: €150 includes access to the course material on-line on a specially developed site. 

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