Level 3


  • The AAI Level 3/IAAF Level IV coach is seen as a specialist in their own area.
  • It is currently highest level of coaching qualification available in Ireland.


  • The Level 3 course builds on the experiences of Level 2 & works with the coach on the development of performance coaching, providing coaches with advanced level instruction in their chosen event.
  • As with Level 2, the Level 3 syllabus includes event specific elements, but more of the common core elements are now studied with a specific application to the event group context.
  • The Level 2 course is designed to be an introduction to performance coaching for coaches, whilst the Level 3 course is targeted at those who are actively coaching high performance athletes, particularly the coaches working with the Youths & Juniors on the High Performance Panel
  • Coaches will specialise in one of the following event areas; Sprints & Hurdles, Endurance & Race Walking, Jumps, Throws


  • The course runs over the period of a year and involves 13 days of contact time, plus distance learning.
  • 13 days -  5 days of theory common to all event areas, 8 days (divided into two 4 day blocks) of event specific work, assessments & exams

Entry Requirements

  • Entry to Level 3 is open to coaches who have completed and passed their Level 2 and have been actively coaching at a high level for at least one year.
  • Priority on the course will be given to those coaches working with High Performance athletes.
  • Candidates who hold a Level 2 qualification and who can show significant coaching experience and are actively coaching at an appropriate level may apply to the Director of Coaching for a place on this course.
  • Application is made by way of a coaching CV.

Assessment/ Qualification

  • There is a practical, oral and written exams.
  •  Coaches who attend the full course and pass all the assessments will be awarded with AAI Level 3 and IAAF Level 4 Coaching Certificates.
  • This course will be delivered by IAAF & Athletics Ireland Tutors, it will follow the duration and content as set forth by IAAF.
  • On completion of the Level 3 course coaches will be able to identify and coach high level and advanced competition models for their specific event or events.
  • They will also be expected to be able to plan and implement macrocycles of training for high level athletes within the context of a multi-year plan.
  • The coach will also be expected to be able to plan and implement a series of appropriate training sessions within the context of an annual training plan.
  • These plans should lead to the achievement of potential, elite performance and competitive results.

Cost:   €500

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