The Girls Squad

What is The Girl Squad ?

The Girl Squad is a six-week programme aimed at young girls in Transition Year in school.  The aim of the programme is to promote athletics in their school and community through an athletics project. This project has both a physical and educational element to it. We at Athletics Ireland hope to improve and support, both the physical and psychological wellbeing of young girls across the nation. Athletics has a number of benefits in everyday life, sport and socialisation. It is hoped that The Girls Squad will equip young girls to lead healthier lives and value the importance of regular physical activity in their own lives and wider community.


What is the aim of The Girl Squad?

The aim of this programme is to introduce young girls to the sport of athletics and to a general fitness regime through a physical and educational athletics programme. This programme will explore elements of track and field such as throwing, running and jumping in a fun and sociable environment. The students will also further explore heathy lifestyle habits through healthy eating and positive health and wellbeing activities. Students will document their involvement in this programme through the ‘Girl Squad Report Card’ .

The Girls Squad Athletics Programme for Transition Year Students is focused on attracting new participants to the sport of athletics and the health benefits associated with participation. The programme will teach students basic exercise activities, educate them on making healthy lifestyle choices for their overall long-term development as individuals


Why participate in The Girl Squad?

  • Encourages physical activity in a non-competitive or intimidating environment.
  • Create a new found appreciation of all things athletics.
  • Promotes personal and social development.
  • Learning new life skills.
  • Be rewarded for participation.
  • Highlights the importance of team work.
  • The opportunity to develop athletics recreationally and not performance driven.

What does the programme involve?

  • The project must be supported and encouraged by a teacher .
  • Project must be designed, developed and completed by the TY students.
  • The girls have the opportunity to create a unique athletics project of their choice.
  • The project should have both physical and written elements to it, which should be visually displayed.
  • For example, the project could include healthy lifestyle choices, importance of athletics in everyday life, run an event of your choice or design an athletics programme to promote athletics within your school/area.
  • You will be asked to measure physical activity levels of your students pre, post and 3 months after the programme. This will be submitted to AAI upon completion of the 6 week project.


What does the school get?

  • Large poster(s)- Girl Squad Report Card
  • The Girl Squad Student Handbook for every student & teacher
  • Access to video resources including demonstrations and instructions
  • Sample track & field sessions
  • Strength & Conditioning Manual for Teacher
  • Free Access to AAi Coach- Relays & Hurdles
  • T-shirts upon completion
  • Certificate of merit


Awarded for Participation

On completion of the 6 week programme students will be awarded with The Girl Squads official t-shirts and certificate of merit once all elements of the project have been logged and submitted. Schools will also be in with the chance to win a tablet for the whole school after submitting their report card and M1 details to the women in sport officer.


If this programme may be if interest to your school and transition year girls , we would be delighted to help and assist you in anyway that we can. We have a number of resources that can assist this programme. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact

There will be an information night organised for teachers who register their school for the programme.

Registration will close in December for the 2024 intake.

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