Mountain Running

Mountain Running, also known as "hill running" or "fell running" caters for every type of runner, from those who enjoy Fun Runs to dedicated athletes. This type of running and competition brings confidence to your running, as you gain more expereince and the correct footwear you will see an improvement in your running abilities.


Races can vary from 3 km to 44km and are run over of a variety of terrains from forest tracks to rough open mountain sides but all include a large elements of climb.Most races, but not all involve running up and down; the down section is the specialised bit.

Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA), is the governing body of the sport of Mountain Running in Ireland. IMRA is affiliated through Athletics Ireland to the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA) for the purposes of competing in International Events.

Check out the Irish Mountain Running Association website for more information.

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