Code of Conduct

As a Technical Official of Athletics Ireland you shall at all times be expected to adhere to the following Code:

  • Co-operate with other Officials in the provision of fair and equitable conditions for the conduct of Athletic events under the relevant rules of competition, thereby offering all participants every opportunity to achieve their own personal goals and aspirations.
  • Act in an impartial decisive but friendly manner in your interaction with other Officials, competitors, coaches and spectators, respecting the rights of others
  • Keep fully up to date with any changes in the relevant competition rules
  • Never smoke or drink alcoholic beverages whilst officiating, nor consume alcoholic beverage so soon before competition that it affects your competence
  • Dress appropriately, to the standard and nature of competition, as outlined by the relevant Officials Committee
  •  Be fully prepared for any officiating task that is assigned to you
  • Arrive in good time for the competition and report immediately to the Officials in charge
  • Conduct the event according to the rules with the welfare of the athlete in mind and carry out your assignments in an efficient, impartial and constructive manner.
  • Work in a spirit of co-operation with other Officials and do not interfere in any way with their responsibilities
  •  Extend the benefit of your experience to the less experienced Officials whenever the opportunity arises.
  •  Give evaluations, when requested, in an objective and impartial manner.
  •  Act in a manner that will bring credit to AAI and yourself, both within and outside the competition area.
  • Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language in the conduct of the tasks assigned to you.
  • Never condone violations of the rules for competition.

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