The Responsible Official

As an Athletics Official you are invited to adopt the following principle

  • To treat everyone involved in athletics with dignity and respect regardless of their background or sporting ability
  • Ensure that the welfare, health and safety of all is the primary consideration in all you do
  • Develop appropriate relationships with all athletes based on mutual trust and respect
  • Do not exert undue influence in order to obtain personal benefit or reward
  • Maintain a clear boundary between friendship and intimacy with athletes
  • Avoid critical language or actions, such as sarcasm, that undermine the self esteem of others. Criticise only in a constructive way, only at the appropriate time and directly to the person concerned.
  • Respect the dignity of everybody, verbal or physical behaviour that constitutes harassment or abuse is unacceptable.
  • Show integrity and professionalism in your dealings with other adults
  • Co-operate fully with other colleagues (e.g. Coaches, other Officials, and Team Managers.
  • Sport Scientists, Physiotherapists, Doctors, HQ staff) in the best interests of all athletes.
  • Encourage and guide athletes to accept and take responsibility for their own behaviour and performance and give them as much autonomy as possible
  • Report, using the Incident Report Form, any accidental injur

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