Ultra Running

Ultra Running relates to races of a longer distance than the standard Marathon and includes races covered on track, road and trail over an official distance.

Some races have a non-official distance with competition based on time rather than a set distance. The governing body is called the International Association of Ultra Runners 


National Championships

  • There are two races with Championship status, Energia 24-hr in Belfast and the 50K in Donadea, Co.Kildare
  • Plans to hold a 100K Championships in the near future

World & European Championships

  • 24hrs
  • 100K
  • 100Km incorporates the World masters 100Km

50k World Trophy Final

  • Held every second year.
  • Race entry is by invitation based on winning a selection race within the required standard
  • The IAU send out entries based on results and eligible participants have their costs subsidised based on available funds and travel grant

Trail World Championships

  • Held every second year and rotated with the 50K World Trophy Final
  • Run over non-standard distance

Criteria for Selection 

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