2021 Athlete Carding Scheme

Athletics Ireland High Performance Unit is now soliciting applications for 2020/2021 Athlete Carding.  All athletes must submit a Carding Application by the deadline of Friday November 6th 2020 in order to be considered for carding selection. 

Athletics Ireland will manage and administer the athlete carding scheme for all levels of carding. The carding scheme is a selection process whereby athletes must achieve performance criteria laid out within a selection policy to be considered for membership to the programme.

The carding scheme outlines Athletics Ireland’s High Performance Carding support programme, known as the Operation Gold Performance Programme or ‘OGPP’. The OGPP document outlines the programme support structures, selection process and policy, the selection panel, appeals process, and how athletes will be considered for carding at the various levels of the programme.


2020 Athletics Ireland Carding

Due to the impact of Covid-19,  Athletics Ireland did not formally solict applications for 2020 carding (Emerging Talent, Development, Discretionary, Relays levels) up until this point.  Athletics Ireland will consider all applications for carding for 2020 and 2021 together under the current application process and will publish a full list of athletes who received support in 2020, prior to publishing the full list of carded athletes for 2021. Some athletes have been notified of a provisional award of carding pending completion of the formal application process. This list of provisionally carded athletes is available below, and will be updated.


Programme Structure

The Operation Gold Performance Programme will select and invest in athletes to provide “more opportunities” and to “achieve performance results” that will be supported on two levels:
1. Performance - Individual Carding: support athletes who can deliver on our performance goals and meet with the individual selection criteria set out within the different levels and age groups (see Carding Categories section 11) of: Podium - World-Class -International, Development, Emerging Talent, Discretionary and Relay Team categories.

2. Opportunity - Team Ireland Carding: support athletes who do not meet with the criteria for individual carding but are given an opportunity (identified as a potential and/or selected) to represent Athletics Ireland at a major championship.  Each year Athletics Ireland will identify and publish on its website the High Performance calendar of selected ‘Team IRL’ major championships.

Process of Carding

All current carded and any newly considered athletes must (re)apply for carding each year.  The applications for individual athlete carding will be available in October on HP section of AAI website.  After selection, athletes will be notified and provided with additional information around carding support and other application requirements as needed for the OGPP. 

The Selectors retain the discretion to consider an athlete for carding where an Application has inadvertently not been made.  The process for individual carding:

1- Applications available on HP website (athletes will reapply and/or open to apply) – October 2020 (NB - No application is needed for Team Carding)

2- Athletes will submit application for consideration to the OGPP – October/November 2020

3- Selectors meeting to consider carding applications – November 2020

4- AAI will notify athletes who have/have not been selected for the OGPP – November 2020

5- AAI/SI will collectively publish the 2021 carding list - 1st quarter of 2021


Carding Resources

2020/21 Operation Gold Performance Programme Selection Policy 

2020/2021 Carding Application Form 

Notice of Appeals Form 

List of Athletes that received Carding support in 2020   (NB - 2021 Carding list will be published when Sport Ireland publish the 2021 Sport Ireland Carding List)

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