Athletics Ireland NRWJ (National Race Walking Judge) Level I course


Athletics Ireland NRWJ (National Race Walking Judge) Level I course, Santry, Dublin July 29th 2018.

The NRWJ (National Race Walking Judge) Level I course is intended to provide the participants with the theoretical and practical training required to make them capable of officiating at national competitions.
The Level I course also identifies potential candidates to sit the evaluation to be a member of the panel of European Race Walking Judges.

Objectives of the Course
To fulfil the aforementioned goals the NRWJ Level I course has the following detailed objectives:
1. To apply the competition rules correctly and consistently
2. To interpret the competition rules appropriately
3. To be updated on the most recent rules changes and their application
4. To have a clear understanding of the management of competitions
5. To have a precise knowledge on the setup for each event
6. To have a basic understanding of road measurement procedures
7. To demonstrate proper behaviour during the competition
8. To act independently and avoid preference for any athlete

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