Complaints & Disciplinary Process

In the event of a dispute or a complaint by a member within a club the following Complaint and Disciplinary Process is the procedure to follow when reporting concerns. This process does not cover Child Protection concerns. All Child Protection concerns are governed the Children First Act 2015 and by the Athletics Ireland Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s sports as referrenced in article 24 of the Constitution of the Athletic Association of Ireland (AAI).

Click here to download the AAI Complaints & Disciplinary Officer & Process document.

The Athletics Ireland Complaints and Disciplinary Officer is Kieron Stout.

Telephone 01 886 9933 or email

The Athletic Association of Ireland Complaints & Disciplinary Processs is governed by the following;

1. The Constitution of the AAI (updated 2018)

  • Article 23, Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport.
  • Article 24, Disciplinary matters.
  • Article 25, Dispute resolution.
  • Article 21, Anti-doping.

2. Athletic Association of Ireland Bye Laws (2012)

3. The AAI Complaints & Disciplinary Officer & Process (2018)

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