Athlete Development Project - Free workshops


Want to improve your performance in sport, study and elsewhere? Free online lifestyle & personal development workshops. Delivered by Elizabeth Egan (PhD). 

Open to Irish athletes from any sport, aged 16-24. for further details.

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  1. 13 Jan: Preparing for the Year Ahead.
  2. 23 Feb: So Much More Than An Athlete.
  3. 25 Mar: Support Networks and Communication Skills.
  4. 19 Apr: Strengths, Values and Self Awareness.
  5. 19 May: The Travelling Athlete.
  6. 25 Jun: Rest, Recovery and Revitalisation: Getting the Basics Right.
  7. 20 Jul: Exploring the Past to Plan the Future.
  8. 26 Aug: Personal Management and Other Life Skills.
  9. 24 Sep: Prioritising Your Wellbeing.
  10. 27 Oct: A More Detailed Look at Time Management.
  11. 22 Nov: Planned Happenstance: Making the Most of Every Opportunity.
  12. 21 Dec: Review of 2021.

Elizabeth, a six-time Irish senior steeplechase medalist, has 15 years experience supporting the lifestyle and personal development needs of high performance athletes. She helps them use their own skills, strengths and resource to balance the various time, balance and decision-making challenges they face, and ensure that they develop beyond the sporting arena. Elizabeth has a degree in Sport & Exercise Science, a PhD in Exercise Physiology, and a Level 3 Certificate in Talented Athlete Life Skills. She is also a certified Mental Health First Aider and a UK Anti-Doping Clean Sport Educator.

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