Athlete Information: Junior and U23 Track and Field Championships


In order to maintain the health and safety of all in attendance at the upcoming Competitions we require you to adhere to the following advice:

Athlete Information
  • For all events, arrive 80mins prior to event start time for entry to the venue, no access will be granted before this time (See Timetable)
  • Check in will close one (1) hour before the event, you must check in online on the day of competition. Please do so before arriving.
  • There is no parking on site, parking is available in Gulliver’s retails park (20min walk).
  • The venue is divided up into three zones to allow a flow of athletes throughout the event (See map attached). Please remain in Zone 1 after checking in for your warmup, you may progress to zone 2 at your event call room time to progress to the call room. Officials will guide you to your event.
  • Please bring a pocket size hand sanitiser with you.
  • Please sanitise your hands on entry to the stadium.
  • A Face Mask must be worn at all times except during warm up and competition.
  • A Call Room will operate.
  • No leaving the stadium until immediately after your participation and your event has concluded. Athletes must leave after event heats and can re access the venue 80min prior to event final.
  • Personal throwing implements can be brought to the TIC in zone 2 after your warmup, located beside the entrance to the indoor track adjacent the finish line.
  • No water or food will be supplied so please bring you own.
  • No chalk will be available at the competition so if you require it please bring your own.
  • Please remove all personal items from the call room and leave at the designated gear drop areas at the 200m start or the 1500m start for track athletes. Field event athletes should bring all gear to the field event with them.
  • Please wipe down any implements and equipment you touch before and after your event.

Click HERE for athlete protocols

Return to Ireland from abroad
  • All Athletes who have been overseas in the 14-days prior to the Event must quarantine for 14 days unless a negative PCR test result is returned no less than 5 days after arrival into Ireland. This applies to athletes returning to Ireland from overseas via Northern Ireland.
  • All Athletes who return to Ireland from Great Britain in the 14-days prior to the Event must quarantine for 14 days unless a negative PCR test result is returned no less than 5 days after arrival into Ireland and are fully vaccinated. f not fully Vaccinated and returning to Ireland from Great Britain, you are advised to remain in quarantine and return a second negative PCR test at least 10 days after your return. You are requested to stay in quarantine until you get a ‘not detected’ RT-PCR test result from this second day 10 test.
  • Travel to Ireland from specific designated States is subject to mandatory hotel quarantine.
World Athletics Footwear Rule
  • Athletes should note that competition will be run in accordance with World athletics rules on footwear. Shoes with a stack height (sole depth) of over 25mm are not permitted in any track events. Competition shoes should be presented at call room check-in. As far as we are aware all spikes are compliant with the rule, but many road running shoes cannot legally be worn on the track. Athletes will not be allowed to run in non-compliant shoes as it could void the results from the whole race. Athletes must be willing to submit their shoes for inspection before and/or after the race. A list of compliant and non-compliant shoes are available here but older models may not be included.

 We are asking athletes to use the Entry4sport Online check-in system to help us on the day and reduce queueing at the Bib Collection desk on-site. This can be accessed through the Entry4sport entry system.

You must also complete a health questionnaire that is included in the terms and conditions before the Check-in, see image below.

Any athlete who is proven to have answered inappropriately to the questions below will be disqualified and risk disciplinary action.

Best of luck to all athletes!

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