Athletics Ireland Recreational One Day Licence


For the upcoming Irish Runner Race Series on the dates below all non-members of Athletics Ireland will be required to purchase a one day licence to participate. This new system being trialled for the Irish Runner Race Series will enhance our members experience and also protect non-members through a personal accident insurance (details below).

We have ambitious plans to digitise our entire race permit, entry system and user experience, this trial of the one day licence for non-members is another positive step in this process. Note over time a database of all an individual’s race times from all AI permitted events will be held on the Athletics Ireland recreational system for users to individually access.

Athletics Ireland Race Series 2022

  • 5Km                      15th May
  • 5Mile                   12th June
  • 10 Mile                10th July

Personal Accident Insurance Benefits (for members and non-members in the Race Series):

                                                            Adult Members                Under 18             Excess

Death                                                 €20,000                              €10,000               €Nil

Permanent Injury                               €20,000                              €10,000               €Nil

Permanent Total Disablement           €20,000                              €10,000               €Nil

Medical Expenses                             €5,000                                €5,000                 €50

Dental Expenses                               €2,500                               €2,500                  €50


Cover in respect of Medical Expenses includes Physiotherapy, Osteopathic or other manipulative treatments benefits of 8 referred visits to a maximum of €750.00. Referral to be from a medical practitioner.

Note all profit generated from the new one day licence will go directly to support Athletics Ireland members in high performance and coaching/development.

We appreciate your support of this new one day licence system and if you have any questions please email

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