Budget 2019 Comments from CEO Hamish Adams


Budget 2019 Comments from Athletics Ireland CEO Hamish Adams

On behalf of Athletics Ireland, I would like to thank the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Shane Ross, the Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Brendan Griffin, and their departmental officials for their work in advocating the need for increased investment in sport in Ireland. The National Sports Policy recently published by the Government sets out ambitious targets for the years ahead and the uplift in funding for 2019 sets us off on this positive journey. The launch of the National Sports Policy has been a clear driver of the increased funding case.

Athletics Ireland is a key stakeholder in delivering many of the key policy requirements over the next ten year period and we look forward to working closely with the Department to achieve all the identified key objectives. The core principles of running, jumping and throwing are the building blocks of a healthy nation across both sports participation and performance.

We note the additional €6.5 million revealed yesterday will all be new money to the system and will be on top of the €1.5 million announced across a number of Olympic and other sports in August 2018.

The policy commitment to double funding to sport from €111 million to €220 million by 2028 is welcomed and there are further details below on the 2019 expenditure.

  • €2.3 Million Additional Core Funding for NGB’s
  • €1.5 Million Extra for High-Performance Sport
  • €1 Million Extra for Women in Sport
  • €1 Million Extra for Disability Officers in Local Sports Partnerships
  • €700,000 Extra for Gaelic Players Association

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