Developing Ireland’s fastest woman: The Journey with Shane McCormack


Shane Mc Cormack is an IAAF Level IV qualified sprints and hurdles coach, and also coach to Ireland’s fastest ever woman , Phil Healy. Phil Healy is the first woman to hold the 100m and 200m record at the same time in 40 years, which she thanks Shane for.


Shane and Phil first met at the Munster Development Squad organised by Colin Byrne RDO back in 2014 and has coached her ever since. Navigating through several obstacles during her time as junior to senior, Shane and Phil have managed to progress every year and have successfully and is currently in line to qualify for the Olympics in 2021. 

Periodized planning, developing fundamentals and a consistent approach to training have been major pillars of her development as an international athlete. Shane has managed Phil’s development with military precision and consideration and credits the assistance of their support network from WIT, physiologist Stephen Barrett and physiotherapist Paul Carragher. Shane’s seminar will focus on Phil’s junior to senior transition, managing adversity, and will provide insights into her training structure. Shane will also discuss some approaches/considerations in the training and development of young women who wish to further their potential in the sport.


6.30 PM

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