European 10K Cup Selections


The following athletes have been selected to represent Ireland at the European 10K Cup in London on the 6th July

  Athlete Club Coach
1 Emma Mitchell Queens University AC Eamonn Christie
2 Fionnuala Ross Armagh AC Dermot Kerr
3 Ann Marie McGlynn Letterkenny AC Colin Roberts
4 Aoibhe Richardson Kilkenny City Harriers AC Noel Richardson
5 Fionnuala McCormack Kilcoole AC Alan McCormack
6 Ryan Forsyth Newcastle and District AC Mark Wetmore
7 Sean Tobin Clonmel AC Feidhlim Kelly
8 Matt Bergin Dundrum South Dublin AC Mark and Simon Goodwin
9 Paul Pollock Annadale Striders AC Andrew Hobdell

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