Fit4Life Webinar- September 29th


The webinar will give coaches knowledge and skills to help assist in the delivery of endurance coaching sessions for their Fit4life club.

WHEN:  Wednesday September 29th, 7-9pm via zoom.

To register for the event, please sign up via the following link HERE.


The aim of our webinar is to

  • Educate participants on the Fit4Life programme
  • Develop new Fit4Life leaders and clubs.
  • This webinar will introduce the Fit4Life programme and prepare you to set up your own Fit4Life group within your own club or community.
  • The webinar will equip you with the necessary skills to improve the health and fitness of the participants involved.
  • This initiative provides an opportunity to create a space for those who wish to partake in recreational running, jogging or walking.


By the end of the webinar, you should be able to:

  • Describe what Fit4Life is and who it is for
  • Identify your roles and responsibilities as a Fit4Life leader
  • Understand the skills involved in coaching
  • Have the ability to plan the components and structure of a session
  • Adapt activities to the stage and needs of an individual
  • Understand methods of training and coaching
  • Give individuals a positive, enjoyable, and relevant fitness experience

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