Forerunners- November Series- Session 1 & 2


The Forerunners programme recommenced on November 7th with Jessie Barr OLY and Sports Psychologist.

Jessie Barr (Ferrybank AC) is an Olympian and Performance Psychologist at the Sport Ireland Institute working with a number of sports including with Athletics Ireland, Cycling Ireland and Swim Ireland.  Jessie has a degree in Psychology and Sociology University of Limerick and an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of the West of England in Bristol. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Sport Psychology at UL examining the stigma around mental health within an elite sport context. 

Jessie delivered two workshops for the Forerunners participants. Both these workshops were designed to support the Forerunners leaders and their operations within their clubs and training circles. 

‘Performing Under Pressure’ was the first workshop which aimed to build the softer skills of the leaders. Here, participants were made of the aware of the quality’s leaders exhibit, with a step by step approach to understanding themselves as a leader. Goal setting and personal development strategies were also explored. Participants had the opportunity to explore a number of strategies that can be employed to develop and enhance self-awareness, self-efficacy, and confidence during high pressure situations which will enhance critical thinking. Participants gained an understanding of the necessary skills that are required to plan and prepare effectively regardless of their club roles.

‘Understanding your Athlete’ was the second workshop delivered to participants, which explored methods of engaging and communicating with club athletes and members. Participants explored the psychological challenges of sport, and communication strategies to support the coach athlete relationship. Participants were able to identify the challenges, barriers and motivations of athletes and invited to share their insights from their own experiences.  Participants were able to understand the skills that can support performance and made aware of practical solutions and strategies to combat underperformance.

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